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Burnt Offerings

Burnt Offerings is filled with poems about life and death, family and
faith, hope and despair, creativity and questions. From Billy Collins
and Smokey the Bear to Jesus, from kombucha to the Eucharist, from
kindling and forest fires to ash and ember, Cathy Warner employs
metaphor, humility, and humor to explore the spiritual life.
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One Bird Sings

A panoply of images celebrating life, love, nature and the cycles of the seasons.

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Places and Times


“. . . vibrant and alive; wholly embodying place and time.”
-William S. Tribell, Poet

“A product of a keen, observing mind . . .”
-Joanna Kurowska, author of The Wall & Beyond and Inclusions

“. . . a must have book for anyone who enjoys poetry.”
-Alicia Salabert, Poet

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The Swing: Poems of Fatherhood

Moments of Tegan’s life, through her father’s eyes. Is anything more rewarding–and difficult–than being a parent? A father documents intimate moments with his daughter from birth into adolescence and contemplates the challenges, sacrifices, and rewards for all parents and children.

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The Woven Thread

The Woven Thread is a poetic maze of vivid imagery and tone that takes the reader on a journey through all the elements that make us human. It inspires feelings of both hopelessness and hope; dread as well as tranquility. More importantly, the work shows us our lost state and man’s need for salvation.

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Thoughts of the Soul

Welling up from deep inside the soul of the poet Morgan, these poems are
the sum of experiences, both personal and recounted by those with whom
he has come into contact. Descriptive of the journey, the trials, the
trevails, and the triumphs of true love, the emotions that leap from
these pages ring true for lovers of all ages and stages of the life

Brimming with both agony and ecstasy, Thoughts of the Soul is intended
to assist the reader in finding new ways to express love more
passionately, more deeply, and more viscerally than ever before.

And maybe, just maybe, the words “I love you” will carry a new, more
vibrant meaning for you and those you love—and especially those who love


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